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Our Story

Through research, education, and transparency, our family's heartfelt passion is unlocking the science of hemp while taking an integrative approach to wellness.

In a world so inundated with information it's difficult for people to know what they can trust. We recognize that there are many questions surrounding cannabis use. We believe it is vital to educate the world about its potential so we can take on new challenges headfirst rather than hide behind the fear of something "unknown."

Each of us in our EvoPath family has experienced the benefits of wild crafted hemp, and we want to share those benefits with you.

Our family has dedicated themselves to the support of medicinal cannabinoids because these compounds offer therapeutic benefits without unwanted side effects like nausea (especially valuable for patients undergoing chemotherapy), low blood pressure, dizziness, among others. We don't only see ourselves as suppliers but also as educators who believe that knowledge is a tool for empowerment.

Our passion for this magic plant runs deep, as it has the ability to unlock our natural health potential in a way no other medicine can. Our goal is to open the eyes of more and more people to see cannabis for what it really is - a gift from nature that has the power to transform lives.

We believe that a healthy Earth is our only hope for sustainable and life-changing healing. Mother earth has been generous in providing us with plant-based medicinals that have the potential to work wonders on our health. In turn, we are committed as stewards of this planet and will always provide sustainable, Wild Crafted CBD products free of pesticides or harmful chemicals.